• Shipping Services

    FDL provides FCL, LCL, domestic trade, cargo charter and global third-party logistics transportation services. We provide import and export sea transportation of special specifications cargo, heavy equipment transportation, freezer transportation, dangerous and non-dangerous chemical transportation, hanging container transportation, open container, frame container transportation, bulk cargo transportation, roll-on roll-off transportation, air-rail transport import and export business. We provide customers with freight and complete full freight transport tracking information.

    FDL has signed long-term cabin booking agency contracts with many shipping companies (MAERSK, MCC, HPL, HMM, HMC, OOCL, CMA, ONE, EVERGREEN, COSCO, YML, MSC, etc.). Our company provides customers with professional one-stop-shop service that is both fast and at a good price, and wins a good reputation in the market.

  • Land Transport Services

    FDL currently has many container transport vehicles. We have experience in transporting large engineering parts, liquid containers, and other special cargo transportation experience. We have stable long-term cooperation relationships with several large land fleet trucking operators that can provide customers with container delivery and the whole container land service, with various models of customs clearance trucks for customers to choose. We can also provide customers with door-to-door delivery services by sea and air. All vehicles are equipped with GPS global positioning system, accurate and fast transportation route design, and real-time tracking cargo information to effectively ensure the safety of goods transportation upon arrival. To choose the FDL team is to choose reliability and safety.

  • Customs Declaration and Inspection

    FDL has its own customs clearance team of 13 professional customs clearance personnel, its own customs clearance and inspection rights in Dalian Customs, and Dalian Inspection & Quarantine Bureau. FDL keeps good reputation in Dalian Customs and other concerned departments. FDL is an AEO certified customs broker and can provide customers with import and export customs declaration and inspection services.

  • Insurance Services

    In cooperation with China Life Insurance and Ping An Insurance of China, our company can act for customers for enterprise property insurance, motor vehicle insurance, ship insurance, liability insurance, cargo insurance, family property insurance, construction engineering insurance, installation engineering insurance, cargo transportation insurance, and other insurance businesses. Our company can also provide our own insurance policy that is low rate, convenient, and fast.

  • Warehousing Services

    FDL built and operates an extensive functional warehouse of 3,000 square meters in the China Railway Bohai Ferry logistics site. We can undertake all warehousing related services; and we also maintain long-term cooperative relationships with several large warehouse operators to provide customers with diversified warehouse storage services. All our warehouses can provide a range of services including goods warehousing, transportation, distribution, packaging, packing classification, reinforcement, binding, weighing, measurement, support, coating, labeling, stacking, and photo-taking services. We strive to meet the customers’ logistics needs and enable the customer to monitor the goods and be able to grasp the goods’ situation at any time. Our China Railway Bohai Ferry warehouse is the only warehouse in Dalian that has passed the American SGS anti-terrorism certification. Our company is equipped with on-site operations to meet the various needs of customers.

  • Bonded Business

    FDL cooperates with Dalian Bonded Warehouse, engaging in "one-day tour" (export and import), international transit, international distribution, international procurement and entrepot trade.

  • Railway Service

    FDL can undertake international container railway intermodal freight transport, vehicle cargo international railway combined transport, super large cargo transportation, liquid cargo transportation, storage, and packaging consulting services.

  • Sea-rail Combined Transport

    FDL is engaged in domestic multi-link trade and sea-rail link businesses. We have advantages in local truck trailers, railway yards, container loading and unloading stations, airline booking agents and other supplier resources in major northern ports such as Dalian, Bayuquan, Jinzhou, Tianjin, and Qingdao. Integrating these advantages can provide customers with highly competitive third-party logistics, project logistics, contract logistics schemes, and operating agency services.